Small Groups

Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why small groups exist—to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you!  We hope that you will dig deeper spiritual roots and find lasting friendships  in a GCC small group.



    Time:  Anytime.  Online studies can be done each day at whatever time is most convenient for you. 

    Study:  #WISDOM

    From Google, Facebook groups, and DIY blogs, our world is full of self-help resources. In the midst of all the advice, how do we decide who to trust? Thankfully, the Bible offers us practical advice in the Book of Proverbs. Take a journey with us through this book of practical wisdom.

    Description: Members of the group will read and comment on a short devotion and 1 chapter of Proverbs each day for 31 days through the youversion bible app. 

    To join the group click here

    Open to: Everyone

    Location: Online

    Contact:  Teresa Breeding



    Time: 2:00 PM

    Description:   The group is open to men of all ages who are interested in joining together twice a month for activities and fellowship.  Contact Larry Borland for meeting dates.    

    Open to:  Men

    Location: Grace

    Contact: Larry Borland

    Childcare? No

    FINANCIAL PEACE ( February 11th- April 8th)

    Time: 2:00-4:00  PM

    Description:   Make 2018 the year that you take control of your money.  Regain control of your finances and make a debt free plan in the 9 week program Financial Peace University.  Sign up for the class and purchase materials here.  

    Open to:  Anyone

    Location: Grace

    Contact: Robbie Casteel

    Childcare? Upon prior request



    Time:  6:00pm

    Study:  Never Give Up  by: Joyce Meyer

    Description: Full of fascinating illustrations and inspiring stories of people who never gave up their dreams, Never Give Up by Joyce Meyer encourages you to dig down deep and revive your dream. Meyer reminds us that nothing is impossible with God and that the one characteristic that successful people share in common is a determination to succeed.

    Open to: Women

    Location: Grace

    Contact: Karen Galford

    Childcare? No


    Time:  6:00pm

    Study:  The life of Joshua

    Description:  Our battlefield is very different from the one Joshua fought on, but faith is still the ultimate weapon! Joshua was a dynamic leader, yet he literally trembled when God called him to succeed Moses. At times he was fearful, weak, or prone to bad judgments.  Despite his humanness, an open heart, teachable spirit, humility, and faith, enabled him to learn from God how to be a great leader, fearlessly facing many of the same challenges we struggle with today. Whether leading in our homes, businesses, churches, or communities, God is calling us to step up, grasp His hand, and learn to lead a victorious Christian life. Men of Grace…Join Us!

    Open to: Men

    Location: Grace

    Contact:  Tony Velong

    Childcare? No


    50's PLUS

    Time:  1:00 PM

    Study:  The Book of John

    Description:  This group will be using the study book "John for Everyone" by NT Wright

    Open to:  Anyone over the age of 50

    Location: Grace

    Contact: Ray and Alice Capps

    Childcare? No



    Time: 6:15- 7:15 PM

    Description:   Walking and fellowship. 
    **Meetings are dependent on good weather, especially during the Winter months.  Regular group members will be contacted if meeting time or location changes.  If you are interested in joining the group please contact Tammy Moore ahead of time just in case.  

    Open to: Everyone

    Location: CCHS Track

    Contact: Tammy Moore

    Childcare? Children of all ages are welcome to walk and talk with us.   Strollers or wheels of any kind are not permitted  on the track.



    Time:  Every other Thursday at 6:00 PM

    Study:  Ephesians


    Open to:  Couples

    Location: The home of Bob and Jan Coy

    Contact: Bob & Jan Coy

    Childcare? No


    If you are interested in starting a small group at Grace contact Teresa Breeding.