Small Groups

Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why small groups exist—to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you!  We hope that you will dig deeper spiritual roots and find lasting friendships  in a GCC small group.



    Time:  6:00pm

    Study:  The Good Book

    Description:  We will learn together about how the Old Testament corresponds with God's plan today, how the Bible offers suggestions about life's struggles, and how Jesus's life on earth can teach us about who God calls us to be.

    Open to: Women

    Location: Grace

    Contact: Karen Galford

    Childcare? No


    Time:  6:00pm

    Study:  Invisible War

    Description: Hang on to your seat. It's going to be a journey inside the very folds of our Bibles, a journey that will teach us about our greatest foe, Satan, also known as Lucifer, Dragon, Serpent, and Son of the Morning Star. Although this lying thief comes to "steal, kill, and destroy," God details in His Word the battle plan to uncover Satan's cunning deceptions and to resist his sinister schemes. The cosmic conflict exploding all around us will have eternal implications, for us and those we love. In this series you will be prepared to do spiritual battle with the enemy of your soul... and win! You'll learn to clothe yourself with God's "spiritual armor" so you can be confident of your certain victory over the scheming enemy.

    Open to: Men

    Location: Grace

    Contact:  Tony Velong

    Childcare? No


    50's PLUS

    Time:  1:00 PM Beginning October 31st

    Study:  TBA

    Description:  If you are interested in joining this group, please attend the organization meeting on October 31st to help us decide on the best time to meet and which study we want to start with. 

    Open to:  Anyone over the age of 50

    Location: Grace

    Contact: Ray and Alice Capps

    Childcare? No



    Time: 6:15- 7:15 PM

    Description:   Walking and fellowship

    Open to: Everyone

    Location: CCHS Track

    Contact: Tammy Moore

    Childcare? Children of all ages are welcome to walk and talk with us.   Strollers or wheels of any kind are not permitted  on the track.